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2021 Member Webinar Series

2021 Webinar Series

Education Tracks Info

2021 Webinar Series Information for Members

  • The CAAP webinar series is a weekly series of webinars with five separate tracks. These 90-minute webinars address current Community Action Agency topics requested by our members. We encourage any agency member to attend any webinars of interest. For 2021, the CAAP webinar series replaces the annual conference due to COVID-19. CAAP's annual conference will return in October 2022.

Don’t forget to reserve your spots!

Questions?  Contact Leslie McRobbie for more information on the CAAP Webinar Series. 

  • The CAAP Learning Library is a repository for educational resources related to Community Action. It is organized by track and contains past webinar recordings, relevant materials, and future webinar registration information. You must have a Moodle account to access the CAAP Learning Library but doing so is easy and free!

  • Not only does the CAAP Learning Library contain helpful resources, but it also has a level of interactivity. We recently launched Forums on Moodle to allow for discussion about track-specific topics. We encourage collaboration between agencies using these forums.

  • CAAP also has an educational YouTube page for technology tutorials. View short instructional videos about using technology such as Google Meet, Prezi, Adobe Scan, QR Code Generators, creating break out rooms, screen recording (including Loom & Screencastify) and much more.

  • Learn more about ROMA training available from CAAP. Registration information is also included on this page.

  • Learn more about the history of training for our Member Agencies.

Moodle Website Additional Resources

  • Technology Tools and Tips
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Additional ROMA Training
  • Additional Training History

After logging in, these topics contain resources, links, and information addressing each area more thoroughly. You can also find past CAAP Education newsletters here and information about the Communications Department at CAAP.

Moodle Resource Documents

Following are online documents available to help you better understand the Moodle CAAP Learning Library.

  • Instructions for setting up a CAAP Moodle account (online document).
  • Menu of available courses by type of educational track and subject.
  • List of resources on the CAAP Moodle site, including:
    • materials,
    • resources,
    • information,
    • and the CAAP Education Newsletters history.

Visit the Moodle CAAP Learning Library or contact Leslie for one to one assistance. 

The Library is for Member Agencies only and upon reaching the Library, you will be prompted to create an account in order to access it.