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Education Overview

Education for 2022

CAAP member education is taking place on the CAAP Learn platform.  CAAP is providing twenty-one webinars in a series called "Prosper Together". This webinar series is for all CAA members and they will cover a wide variety of topics, such as inclusivity in the workplace, poverty, family mobility, project management, data analysis, and more.  

New learning modules are also available for 2022, initially on DEI and later in the year, on Board Governance.  These learning modules will offer opportunities for discussion, assessment, and certification. 

Visit the 2022 Member Education page for additional details and to access CAAP Learn.

More on Education

CAAP Education is set in place to continue to fulfill T/TA needs while not being able to meet in person during the Covid-19 pandemic. It opens a new venue for our T/TA with new possibilities of how to present high-level information at lower-level costs. We look forward to having a mixture of virtual and in-person training as we move into the future.

Looking for ROMA? Reach out to Leslie directly to schedule ROMA training or inquire about the current schedule.

  • If you have any questions or training requests, please reach out to the Education Director for CAAP, Leslie McRobbie.

Training History

Through the years, CAAP has offered a variety of Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) programs and services to assist Pennsylvania Community Action Agencies (CAAs) to:

  • build capacity to work efficiently and effectively as programs and reporting requirements change;

  • stay informed about Community Action issues and developments;

  • remove barriers and create opportunities for families with low incomes to escape the trappings of poverty;

  • solve community problems in partnership with others;

  • and effectively tell their story through data and narratives in various media.

As challenges arose and opportunities were presented, CAAP changed up its curriculum to offer appropriate material. The presenters ranged from peers within the state and across the nation, to state and national experts. The PA Department of Community and Economic Development Center for Community Services (DCED) works with CAAP to identify training needs and opportunities.


Peer-sharing is also a form of T/TA. Every two weeks CAAP holds a virtual meeting called We’re In This Together to allow interaction between member Agencies (CAAs), the state office, and CAAP. All are welcome to bring an issue to the table. The meeting series began as the pandemic hit, providing a then-weekly opportunity for CAAs to share how they were making adjustments to new and remote operations while meeting the needs of residents and communities. As modifications were made, the meetings changed to a bi-weekly format and began, over time, to consider steps to re-open in various programming formats. The meetings now deal with non-pandemic matters, presenting a good forum for timely updates and information exchange.


Our in-state training program is also augmented by regional and national training offered by partners. On the regional level, we interact with the state associations and state offices in Region III – Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia – in the Regional Performance & Innovation Consortium (RPIC). The RPIC identifies common interests that may benefit from shared T/TA offerings.  We also have a list of state partners.

Both as CAAP and through the RPIC we connect with national partners – the National Community Action Partnership (NCAP), CAPLAW, and the National Association for State Community Action Programs (NASCSP) – for T/TA programs and services. With these interactions, the national partners have identified common and typical T/TA needs and addressed them at a scale that meets the need of our members. Together with other state associations and state offices, we continue to advise the national partners on T/TA needs.

ROMA Training 

In previous years CAAP was part of the curriculum development of Results-Oriented Management & Accountability (ROMA). ROMA was developed to introduce and implement performance management and reporting into the national Community Action network. The ROMA program is now under the auspices of the Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers (ANCRT) but CAAP continues its involvement in coordinating ROMA training for its members. Visit CAAP's ROMA  page for more information and registration for our Member Agencies.  Please reach out to Leslie directly to schedule ROMA training or inquire about the current schedule.