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A Letter From CAAP's Acting CEO

To the current and past staff at our member Agencies,

Thank you for being a part of  the over 40-year history of CAAP serving the needs of its member Agencies by:

  • helping to identify and sponsor professional training in anti-poverty areas;
  • facilitating regular meetings of Community Action Agency leadership, staff and board members;
  • serving as the conduit for resource development;
  • advocating for public policy conducive to locally-developed goals of its membership;
  • and promoting legislation and regulations which support economic opportunity efforts, community development and locally-designed strategies.

We're in this together and we at CAAP appreciate your dedication to the residents of Pennsylvania.


Daniel Leppo, CAAP Acting CEO

A Video About Community Action

I like to say that as an organization we don't do anything for anyone ... give them a fish they eat for a day, if you teach them to fish they eat for a lifetime, but with attitude added to it.                                                    - Alan Jennings, Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley