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Equity DEI

DEI Quick Clips

DEI Quick Clips

Sometimes we can hurt or insult people without realizing it. Join CAAP as we strive to become a more inclusive community.  It's important that we put our biases, prejudices and preconceived notions aside. 

Use CAAP's DEI Quick Clips to help improve your personal, professional and community relations related to DEI Equity.


  • Learn about identity and the use of gender pronouns within our families, community and workplace. What do they mean and how are they used? This 2.5 minute video will offer tips on what they mean and how to use them.

  • Learn to avoid racial and other bias-related insults by watching CAAP’s DEI Quick Clip, Micro-insults and Microaggressions. This 2-minute video will offer tips on how to welcome those from diverse backgrounds.

Visit the DEI Equity Toolkit page for:

  • Resources
  • Learning Modules
  • State Strategy for PA's 42 Community Action member-Agencies

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Remember, Community Action lives within all of us.  Be a part of it.