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Self-Sufficiency Awards

Photo Guidelines

Blurry or poorly lit (dark) pictures will not be accepted. Your nominee should be photographed in a way that will reflect his/her success. Pictures taken on the job or with family in a natural setting are preferable. We are looking for a casual, natural photo that immediately gives the viewer an impression of this person’s personality. If you are taking a studio shot, have the recipient take something along to illustrate their success or personality such as a chef’s hat for the new restaurant owner, uniform shirt, etc. Feel free to be creative.

All photos must be submitted by uploading the picture to this website on the previous page. The photo must be a JPEG file taken with a digital camera or smart phone. Hard copy photos and scans of photos will not be accepted. If you have questions or concerns about taking the photograph, call CAAP's office at 717-233-1075 and ask for Steven.

Tips for the nominee

What to wear: Dress comfortably. It’s not necessary to go out and buy new clothing for the photograph. We recommend “business casual” attire.

Smile! There is no need to formally pose. Relax. Act natural. Think about something fun. If the photographer says something funny and you laugh while the photo is being taken, that’s great! We want the photo to reveal your personality as much as possible.

Tips for the photographer

Subject pose: We are looking for a casual, natural photo with the nominee smiling. Engage the person in conversation; when people are doing something familiar, their bodies and faces will relax. Shoot several photos of your nominee. Experiment with taking pictures from the waist up and a close up of their smiling face. Pose people near bright light sources such as a sunlit window from their left or right side instead of from the front, behind or above. Do not enlarge any photo prints at a consumer photo machine, only enlarged photos from portrait studios are acceptable. The photos you intend to submit should not be grainy or blurry. They should be well-lit and a positive representation of your nominee.

Background: Please use a one-color or low-contrast background; choose a neutral color if available. Make sure the background is non-reflective.

Camera: Use a newer digital camera, one that ideally has 8 megapixels or more. Newer smart phones take pretty good pictures these days so feel free to use a smart phone.

Remember, blurry or poorly lit (dark) pictures will not be accepted.