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Self-Sufficiency Awards

Nomination Criteria

1. Nominee is free of all welfare (TANF) subsidies including SNAP (i.e., food stamps), cash assistance; and free of Section 8 subsidized housing (Housing Choice Voucher Program).
2. Nominee has the resources and family-sustaining wage necessary to maintain financial self-sufficiency.
3. Nominee has demonstrated knowledge and ability to execute personal financial management. For example: maintains a balanced household budget, has a checking and/or savings account, has an acceptable credit rating or working to improve credit score by using tools such as an approved Credit Repair Plan.
4. Nominee resides in safe, affordable housing and has safe, reliable transportation for work.
5. Nominee has access to health insurance coverage for all family members.
6. Nominee demonstrates the capacity to plan for future success. Nominee has knowledge of and ability to access appropriate resources to prevent future crisis and recidivism. Nominee has a positive community relationship network.
7. Nominee has acquired basic employability skills including: computer skills, career planning, resume writing, job searching, interviewing, problem solving, and other communication and interpersonal skills.