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What We Do

Our Purpose

CAAP exists to empower member agencies to solve community problems related to issues of poverty.


"Community Action Agencies are here to help others and make a difference in their lives.  I’m involved because serving others is what I’ve done for many years."

-Jeff Vaughn, Executive Director at Community Action Partnership of Cambria County

CAAP equips Pennsylvania Community Action Agencies with the tools necessary to alleviate poverty in their local communities. We do this by providing:

  • quality training and educational resources;
  • annual conferences (TBD for future conferences)
  • newsletters;
  • advocacy coordination;
  • development & coordination meetings across all Agencies staff roles;
  • and customized support based on the current needs of our Agencies.

A Video About Self-Sufficiency

In this video, Seth and Rachel discuss how it feels to live at low-income, the resources they leveraged to get back into the middle-class, and their vision for the future. Click the image to view the video. (4.5 minute video)

More Ways to Learn about Community Action

Another Community Action Video

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