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Blogs And Articles

The Biden administration has approved a significant and permanent increase in the levels of food stamp assistance available to needy families—the largest single increase in the program’s history. Starting in October 2021, average benefits for food stamps (officially known as the SNAP program) will rise more than 25 percent above pre-pandemic levels.

A report is based on findings collected from the survey conducted last fall, full of recommendations for ways to improve TANF. They believe this report will be a powerful advocacy tool for shaping future policy.

In this Spotlight Exclusive, Angela Rachidi, senior fellow and Rowe scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, speaks with Spotlight about her recent research into paid leave usage during the pandemic and the climate for bipartisan compromise on paid leave policy on Capitol Hill. Rachidi says that survey results indicate an increased need for leave during the pandemic, and while a system was put in place to rise to meet the need, there is still room to improve access for some workers.

The Chance That Two People Chosen at Random Are of Different Race or Ethnicity Groups Has Increased Since 2010. These demographic changes as well as improvements to the ways in which race and ethnicity data are collected and processed reveal the U.S. population is more racially and ethnically diverse than measured in 2010. The most prevalent racial or ethnic group for the United States was the White alone non-Hispanic population at 57.8%. This decreased from 63.7% in 2010.

International Day of Peace, recognized on September 21 every year, is the perfect opportunity to promote peace in the world around us.

Spending quality time with those you love is not only good for the soul, it’s a great step toward living an altruistic life. But how do you put the quality in quality time? Check out these ways to make the most of quality time to help you on your journey toward an altruistic lifestyle. 

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