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Blogs And Articles

The American Rescue Plan Act made a historic investment in WIC’s ability to enhance families’ access to healthy food. Just twelve years ago, WIC introduced fruits and vegetables into the food package and now the Biden administration has allowed for four months of added value that triples the overall value of the WIC fruit and vegetable benefit and nearly doubles the overall benefit for WIC participants. So, we’re seeing families who previously had only $9 or $11 per month for fruits and vegetables now get $35 per month.

From USA Today: "Seniors in states that invested in their health systems enjoy a higher quality of overall care, a new 50-state ranking shows. Researchers compared health care in 24 categories for Medicare recipients in all 50 states and Washington D.C. related to cost, quality, and access. The data, taken from publicly available databases, was weighed equally against each other before being averaged out, giving each state an overall score. The analysis, conducted by insurance technology company, ranked Minnesota first with North Dakota close behind. Massachusetts and California followed in the third and fourth spots. Nebraska ranked fifth, and Hawaii followed in sixth.

A new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reviews a body of research to evaluate the short- and long-term health impact of income support programs for children. The research overwhelmingly shows that income significantly contributes to opportunities for good health for children, as families with higher incomes are more likely to have access to healthcare, safe housing, nutritious food, healthy recreational activities, and higher-quality schools. Conversely, children in lower-income families who struggle to afford their basic needs tend to have worse health outcomes over time.

LIFT is a 20-year-old national organization with sites located in Los Angeles, D.C., New York and Chicago. Our mission is to partner with parents and invest in them in order to break the generational cycles of poverty. We know that poverty, like wealth, is passed down from generation to generation and that is because of racial inequity and underinvestment in our communities and structural barriers that have been designed to keep families trapped in that cycle.

Friday, July 30 is considered International Day of Friendship. Celebrate with these ways you can show the people you love the most just how much they mean to you.

While normally “back to school” is reserved for children, it turns out that this time of year is important for every age. That’s because you’re never too old to continue learning, and it can help you live up to your true potential in everyday life.

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