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2020 Community Action Symposium

Tuesday, April 28, 202012:00 pmThursday, April 30, 202012:00 pm

The annual CAAP/DCED Community Action Symposium - this year with the theme "On the Move" - will be held April 28th-30th at the Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey, 4650 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111. This year we have separate presentations for local CAAs’ Administration staff, Fiscal staff, and Board members - so bring some of each! Up to five different people per agency per day may register for the symposium and reserve a sleeping room. Aside from your travel, all else - lodging and meals - are paid for by DCED.

The event will open with a luncheon that includes a book signing by CACLV's Executive Director, Alan Jennings, of his book The Pursuit of Fairness: Fighting For What's Right in a World That's So Wrong. A Keynote Address will follow with a plenary session and then regional meetings. Dinner with entertainment is offered that night.

The second day will begin with breakfast followed by a DCED update. We will then - in a change from past symposia - split attendees up into three tracks: Administration, Board and Fiscal, for 3 sessions that day. Dinner with entertainment is offered this night as well.

The last day will begin with breakfast. Fiscal staff will continue with their solo track, while Administration staff and Board members will meet together in two sessions. The event ends with a bag lunch at noon.