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Pennsylvania's Community Action Agencies help low-income families reach and maintain self-sufficiency.

"We run lots of programs, but we try and think how to broker those programs towards an end goal, and that’s helping a family to empower them to reach self-sufficiency or collaborating with the community to create a path out of poverty."

 – Megan Shreve, CEO of South Central Community Action Programs


In this video, Rhonda talks about her journey to self-sufficiency, how it feels to live at low-income, and the resources she leveraged to get back into the middle-class and form vision for the future. Click the image to view the video. (3 minute video)

What is self-sufficiency?

Self-sufficiency is a measure of how much income is needed for a family to adequately meet its basic needs - without public or private assistance. 

Is there more than one reason people lose, or haven't reached it?

Yes, each individual has their own personal story about how they ended up in financial distress, which include:

  • a death in the family,
  • loss of employment,
  • underperforming educational experience,
  • childhood hardships,
  • increased housing costs or overwhelming debt,
  • physical and mental health conditions,
  • addiction, and more.

Community Action provides the resources an individual or family needs to get back on their feet.  Watch more videos.

Watch What Community Action Does

How can I learn more or find my local Agency?

If you are a vendor whose company mission is to positively impact Pennsylvania’s local communities, consider joining CAAP as an Affiliate Member.  Contact Dan if you are interested.