CAAP Community Needs Assessment

The CAAP Community Needs Assessment (CNA) is a comprehensive tool that provides Pennsylvania's Community Action Agencies with the means to capture information about their community, analyze the data and identify the needs to be met within the community. Community Action Agencies are required by federal legislation to complete a community needs assessment every three years.

CNA WebsiteThis online tool provides background information for the state and counties from over 20 data sources, including federal and state departments. The tool allows agencies to query the database to create a document that serves as a community profile – the quantitative data portion of the needs assessment.  

The tool was developed in partnership with the Missouri Association for Community Action and the University of Missouri, under the guidance of a CAAP work group consisting of staff from local PA Community Action Agencies. The  PA Department of Community and Economic Development funded the acquisition and development. CAA’s fund the annual maintenance.   




CNA Resources:

In addition to guiding the development of the CNA tool, the CAAP work group compiled resources that may aid agencies in completing a needs assessment.


CAAP Commuity Needs Assessment Toolkit

The CAAP work group wrote this toolkit to provide a guide to creating the community profile, collecting qualitative data from clients and the community in various settings, and analyzing the data to make a complete needs assessment report.






MACA Community Needs Assessment Tool Kit

The Missouri Association’s guide to doing a complete needs assessment: data collection, analysis, issue prioritization, strategic planning and logic models.







NASCSP: A Community Action Guide to Comprehensive Community Needs Assessments

The nuts and bolts guide to a comprehensive needs assessment from development to report, issued by the National Association for State Community Services Programs.



Missouri Community Scale Survey

For agencies looking to do more in-depth surveys of various aspects of needs and services, MACA developed a 6 section list of questions that may provide the question(s) in the format you need to ask for any of the 6 dimensions covered:

Dimension 1 – Civic Capacity
Dimension 2 –  Infrastructure, part 1
                          Infrastructure, part 2
Dimension 3 –  Economy
Dimension 4 –  Social Services and Support Systems
Dimension 5  -  Education
Dimension 6 -  Health

There are thousands of questions, so much that the 2nd section is in two parts.  The 6 lists are in an Excel format that groups question by factors that may affect the dimension.