ROMA Training Program Becomes an Independent Organization
After 15 years as the leader in the National Peer to Peer ROMA Training and Certification Project (NPtP), CAAP is transitioning the national program to the newly formed Association of National Certified ROMA Trainers (ANCRT).

Dr. Barbara Mooney, CAAP's training director, has championed and grown NPtP into the outcome based results training for the nations 1,200 Community Action Agencies. Along with Fred Richmond of The Center for Applied Management Practices (CAMP), Dr. Mooney, has developed a sophisticated training program that is built on solid principals and practices.

"The incredible network of trainers that has come out of the program [NPtP], has resulted in 1,000's of certified ROMA trainers across America," said Dr. Mooney. "That translates to tens of thousands of CAA staff receiving required and valuable training to improve the effectiveness of their agency."

ANCRT will now be the organizer and implementer of ROMA for Pennsylvania and the nation. CAMP will act as the fiscal agent. Project Director Dr. Barbara Mooney and the ROMA Master Trainers will continue to provide leadership to the project through ANCRT.

For more information please follow the link to the ROMA website.